24/7 hour service at the Bethel Church

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We are taking part in the 24/7 hour service at the Bethel Church in the Hague.

As most of you are aware the Bethel Church in the Hague is offering shelter to an Armenian family threatened with deportation.

To keep the authorities at bay the church has organised 24/7 worship. As long as this is being conducted the family cannot be removed from the church. A group from the English Reformed Church is going to support this effort and will be leading /taking part in worship there from 1 am to 8 am on the early morning of Saturday, 19th January.

We are doing this not only to support the family but to support the effort to bring attention to the law and policy on deporting such families. This is not the only family who has been building a life in the Netherlands and is now threatened with deportation.

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All are welcome to join the worship at any time. If you’d like to join in with the group from the ERC on the 19th please get in touch with Gillian Walker (06 4058 6654 / gillian.walker.ams@icloud.com).

This should be a very rewarding thing to do for all concerned.