Amsterdam City Rights Market

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Amsterdam City Rights is an independent think tank by and for undocumented people and refugees in limbo.

On Saturday, September 28th they are having a market from 14 to 18 on Van Ostadestraat 233 (De Pijp).

Here you can get to know the many talents and skills of entrepreneurs from all over the world. Meet the people behind the products, the brands, the food.

Amsterdam City Rights Market is a monthly event (on the last Saturday of each months), emphasizing the self-reliance of undocumented citizens of Amsterdam and focussing on the right to work. So join us in support and solidarity!

Meet the people behind the brands: Lady Dahlia, Kangi Style, Hassan Tassan! Connect to different cultures and backgrounds, taste the food and listen to the music. Last but not least – come and show your support and solidarity! Tell them you are coming!.

For more information about Amsterdam City Rights (in Dutch).