Sermon and Prayers available as a po​dcast

Categories: Bible,Sermons,Worship

Since January 2015 a recording of the sermon and the prayers have been available from our website.

Now the recording is also available as a ​podcast from 6 different platforms:


Google podcasts



Pocket casts


You can gain access to the podcast from our website by clicking on the podcast banner on the right of the opening page. This will take you to Anchor platform from where you can listen directly to it or choose to listen (and subscribe) via your favourite app.

If you click the above link(s) on your mobile phone or tablet, and you already have the associated application installed there, then it will automatically open the app.

For example, if you already have Spotify on your phone, just click the link from Spotify and it will directly open your Spotify app to play.

Whichever app you are using, please do not forget to ‘subscribe’ to the ERC channel so that you automatically receive notification when a new episode is uploaded.

You can of course also still listen to the sermon and the prayers directly from our website.

If you have any questions we will be happy to hear from you. Please use the Contact formular selecting the department ‘Webmaster’.

Veel plezier!