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Dear Friends,

The decision has been made to go ahead with a return to church next Sunday, Sept 13th. This will be initially for a trial run of a month, though if the overall situation were to change drastically (e.g a ‘spike ’ in cases in the Netherlands, or if we had serious concerns about how our services were going) we would stop them.

Below are the instructions that have been sent out via this letter for the past two weeks, but here are a few other points to add:

  • You are asked to wear a mask for entering and leaving the church. Masks will be available if you don’t have one. You may, if you wish, remove the mask during the service.
  • There can be no socialising in the church. We will gather for worship and people will be directed to leave the church immediately afterwards.
  • You will be assigned and directed to a seat.
  • Please try, as far as possible, to use the toilet before you com.
  • Please do not plan to come to church if you are showing any symptoms at all – coughing, sore throat etc.
  • Given the fact that the overall infection level in the Netherlands heightened over the Summer we feel that we must extra cautious and vigilant – hence these stipulations.

    And now for more general points, carried over from previous weeks, about attending the services:

  • You will need to a reserve a place for the service: either through the website, where there will be an ‘Eventbrite’ booking system, by your contacting your elder, or by phoning me.
  • Please reserve your place between 9 am Monday morning and 10 pm Thursday evening for the following Sunday. .
  • You can only book a week at a time.
  • In the event of there being more demand for seats than is allowable with social distancing then a small group will meet each week to do the necessary but unpleasant task of deciding who will told that they will not be able to attend that week – and they will be given priority should they apply for a seat the following week. We will aim to accommodate up to 65 people each Sunday.
  • The services will be live-streamed, so, it will be possible to watch them online on Sunday mornings at 10.30 am. The services will also be recorded and put up on the website so that they can also be accessed later in the week.
  • Lastly, this Sunday we celebrate Holy Communion – see the reminder below, with the programme for the coming week. Let’s pray that our return to church proceeds smoothly and safely and with full co-operation from all.

    Below is the program for this WEEK:

    Sunday 10.30 (or any other time, it’s prerecorded).
    The service will be led this week by Pastor Lance. Our passage is Exodus 12:1-4, the story of the institution of the Passover meal. Note that this is a service of Holy Communion, so you might like to have a piece of bread or a biscuit and some wine or some juice handy, so that you can join in.

    Sunday, 21.00
    Short evening prayers, Compline: join at Join at

    Monday, 14.00-16.00: Knitting Christmas angels. Contact Gillian Walker at:

    Tuesday, 08.45
    Psalm Reciting (this week – Psalms 77-84), at the church. You are welcome, of course, to recite these psalms anywhere and any time.

    Thursday, 21.00
    Short evening prayers, Compline: You can join us on ZOOM

    In a time like this, there may be people who feel especially in need of prayer either for themselves or for someone else. There is a small group of people in the congregation who take it in turns on Sundays to be available after the service to pray for anyone in need – so, if you would like prayer or have a particular prayer request please contact Margaret Richards on and she and the others will pray accordingly.

    A word about finance….
    Please note that in this period when we are not meeting together there is a way of giving to the church on this website. Please use the PayPal donation button on the right.

    God bless you all and keep us united as a church family – and safe and well.

    Rev. Dr. Lance Stone