Service of Worship – Sunday, May 3

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Thank you for attending our pre-recorded service. We’re pleased you’re here and sincerely hope you will be blessed.

There is a children’s talk in the service, so please include children at least for that part. As always you are invited to join in responses. Hymns will also be included and you’re invited to sing along if you so wish.

Being the first Sunday of the month it’s Holy Communion, and we are going to celebrate this as normal. We would ask you, as usual, to have a candle ready to light at the beginning of the service, and also a piece of bread or a biscuit or even some crisps, and a cup of wine or juice (or even water – after all the Lord turned water into wine!). It really doesn’t matter in these circumstances what you use – just something to eat and to drink.

You can follow the service by downloading the order of service – however, you’ll be able to see all hymns, readings, etc. by simply following the video-recording below. If you want to read the sermon, you can download the manuscript.

The funding of our worship, ministry, and outreach relies on your financial support – and in the absence of an offering in the service, a donation via the below PayPal option will be highly appreciated.


Service and sermon: Rev. Dr. Lance Stone

Readers: Reuben and Imorgen Stout

Prayers: Laura Elliot

Organist/Director of music: Richard Zook

We invite you to watch other services we’ve held online so far.