Night of the Refugee 2019 – please join us

  • 06:45 PM
  • Westerpark

A lot have told us they would love to walk on the sponsored walk for refugees this year on Saturday, June 15.

Having looked at levels of fitness, courage, stamina and willpower it has been decided to plump for the 20 KM.

The good thing about the 20 KM walk is that it starts at the same time as the 10 KM (Saturday, June 15th at 18.45 at Westerpark) and follows the same route for quite a while. The idea is that the ERC group set off together; those wanting to do 10 KM can peel off at the point where the routes split and follow the 10 KM back to the finish. So you don’t really have to decide until you’ve done 10 KM!

For more information, to join the team and/or to make a donation, please click here!

Information on the 10 km walk.

Information on the 20 km walk.

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