Service of Worship

  • 10:30
  • Begijnhof 48 and live-stream

You will need to reserve a place for the service on Eventbrite, or by contacting your elder, or by phoning the minister (0621 261416). Please reserve your place between 9.00 Monday, September 14 and 22.00 Thursday, September 17 for this service. We aim to accommodate up to 65 people each Sunday.

Some general points about attending the services:

  • You can only book a week at a time.
  • In the event of there being more demand for seats than is allowable with social distancing then a small group will meet each week to do the necessary but unpleasant task of deciding who will be told that they will not be able to attend that week – and they will be given priority should they apply for a seat the following week. As mentioned above we aim to accommodate up to 65 people each Sunday.
  • The services will be live-streamed (you can access via this link), so, it will be possible to watch them online on Sunday mornings at 10.30 am. The services will also be recorded and put up on the website so that they can also be accessed later in the week.
  • You are asked to wear a mask for entering and leaving the church. Masks will be available if you don’t have one. You may, if you wish, remove the mask during the service.
  • There can be no socialising in the church. We will gather for worship and people will be directed to leave the church immediately afterwards.
  • You will be assigned and directed to a seat.
  • Please try, as far as possible, to use the toilet before you come.
  • Please do not plan to come to church if you are showing any symptoms at all – coughing, sore throat, etc.

Given the fact that the overall infection level in the Netherlands heightened over the Summer we feel that we must be extra cautious and vigilant – hence the above stipulations.