The Walthamstow Hall School Choir, England

  • 13:00
  • Begijnhof 48 1012 WV Amsterdam

Monday, February 17 at 13.00.

Conductor: Nicholas Castell.

Warlock: Adam lay y bounden.
Faure: Ave Maria.
Mozart: Ave verum.
Arch:  Black is the colour.
Rutter: A Clare benediction.
Rutter: For the beauty of the earth.
Dering:  Gaudent in caelis.
Walford Davies: God be in my head.
Rose:  God be with you till meet again.
Schutte: Here I am, Lord.
Rose:  Here, O my Lord.
Plumstead:  A grateful heart.
Rutter: The Lord Bless you.
Trad.: My Lord, what a morning.
Franck: Panis Angelicus.
Lloyd Webber: Pie Jesu.
Le Bas: Watt’s Cradle Carol.
Coleman: Rhythm of life.
Purcell: Sound the Trumpet.
Mawby: Ave verum.
Farrant: Call to remembrance.
Bruckner:  Locus iste.
Farrant: Lord for thy tender mercy’s sake.
Byrd: Teach me O Lord.
Hildegard: Ave generosa.
Tavener: Lord’s Prayer.

Tickets: Free concert with a voluntary collection.