Friends Foundation “Friends of the English Reformed Church”

The English Reformed Church in Amsterdam’s Begijnhof has been the home to an English language congregation since 1607 but it has been a gathering place for over 600 years. The present building is over 500 years old and requires constant care and maintenance.

In 1970 a friend of the church, Mr Gerard Rhee, registered a foundation called the “Friends of the English Reformed Church” (registered as a Stichting, at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce). The aim of the foundation was to give support in any way possible to maintain the presence of the church in the city as a place of worship, as a concert venue and as a meeting place for many people and cultures. The board of the Friends Foundation is chaired by the Reverend Dr. Lance Stone and further consists of Maria-Louise Genet, Henk Keizer, secretary, Thijs Polstra and Jolmer Gerritse, Treasurer.

Over the past forty-five years the Friends Foundation has carried out its task through involvement in 2 major restorations of the church building in 1972 & 2006, development of the concert program, acquisition & renovation of the Manse in 2000 and many other acts of support for the work of the church, using gifts and legacies from the members and supporters of the Church.

Few buildings are more loved and treasured in Amsterdam than the English Reformed Church. The Begijnhof setting, the unique culture, and its historical place in the city make it a very special place. The Manse offers a suitable home for our Reverend and family and the many ways it facilitates church activities such as the weekly bible studies, Reverend office & various meetings.

In 2016 the final part of a 5 year refurbishment plan of the church building is to be completed for an estimated cost of €.60.000, again to be primarily covered from the Friends Foundation reserves, as subsidies have largely subsided in the Netherlands for National Monuments, such as the church.

It continues to be goal of the Friends Foundation to be able to maintain & rebuild the reserve fund, to allow us to offer help in a timely way when future problems may arise. We are grateful to all those who have supported the Friends Foundation in the past and those who offer their support in the future. You can give your support through single gifts or periodical donations:

  • by bank transfer to: IBAN NL90ABNA0624180069 – BIC CODE ABNANL2A, in the name of:
    Stichting Friends of the English Reformed Church, BEGIJNHOF 48, AMSTERDAM-NL.
  • in cash in the treasury box, situated at the porch of the Church entrance, or
  • through a bequest, to be arranged with your notary.

As an affiliation of the English Reformed Church the A.N.B.I. status applies to donations to the Friends Foundation as well. Further information can be found on the church website.

The accounts of the Friends Foundation are published together with the ERC accounts, audited by the ERC audit committee, available, presented and approved at the Annual General Meeting of the ERC.

In case you may have any questions regarding the Friends Foundation: please contact me at:, T +3120-535-3366, or at Begijnhof 48, 1012 WV Amsterdam.

Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal & for your support, Jolmer Gerritse, Treasurer.