English Reformed Church supports refugees

The plight of refugees is relevant to us all – whether refugees live next door to us or are struggling to survive in camps around the world. The way we treat each other not only reflects on ourselves as individuals but on the type of society we (want to) live in. Numerous bible verses encourage us to help others. There are so many people in need though – how to choose?

“You can’t help everyone all of the time, but you must help someone some of the time”. Sound advice if not entirely true. We can help everyone all the time through prayer. Opportunities to help others present themselves and it’s up to us to take them.

What have we done so far?

Through the English Reformed Church we have now organized a series of activities with and for refugees, and we have participated in activities organized by others:

  • Two football tournaments with refugees to encourage socialising and activity.
  • Nacht van de Vluchtelingen: we raised EUR 1,720 through a sponsored walk to help refugees.
  • Swap ‘n Shop – clothing exchange/supply for refugees.
  • High tea with refugee ladies at the Wereldhuis, to encourage socialising and activity.
  • Buddy work with refugees to help them build a life in Amsterdam.
  • Delivered blankets from last year’s KnitIn to Riekerhavens.

What do we have planned for the coming months/year?

We’ll join forces with churches in the centre of Amsterdam to coordinate current activities and identify what refugees may still need. The local council and ‘Vluchtelingenwerk’ are part of this effort as well.

And we’ll support a charity called Human Aid in Greece (HAIG), helping refugees in Dunkirk/Calais by donating winter clothing/blankets and potentially volunteering in France.

How can you help?

  • By supporting the activities we organise in whichever way you can; keep an eye out for our notices at church, on this website and ‘like’ our Facebook page.
  • On a continuing basis by:
    • becoming a buddy for a refugee. See VluchtelingenWerk and ASKV.
    • helping refugees learn a profession: See Dagbesteding.
    • offering legal advice/medical advice/counselling. See Hulpverlening.
    • donate household goods, toiletries etc. See Doneer spullen.
    • become a volunteer at the refugee sites at Dunkirk/Calais.


    • If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with Gillian Walker from our


    at: gillian.walker.ams@icloud.com; 06-4058 6654 or see her at church.