Alongside of our mission work in the city and abroad, there are also many ways to participate in the regular life of the ERC. Here you will find a list covering some of the opportunities in our community – if you’re interested to get involved with one (or more!) of them, please write to us via our Contact form selecting the department ‘General Info’.

Scripture readings Each week in our service, we need a reader for the lessons.
Collection Helping collect the donations during the service
Music Music is a vital part of our worship and we love for new musicians to share their gift with the congregation!
Helping with production of the Record Once every 3 months (helping with printing, folding, labelling, etc)
Coffee Rota Join our team to help making and serving coffee in the church after the Sunday service
Leading Prayers Prayers of Approach and Prayers of Intercession.
Writing articles for the Record / and or the website The Record is our church magazine and is full of stories about our congregation – always looking for a new spin on things!
Bible Studies There’s the occasionally the opportunity to lead the study or you’re also welcome just to attend
Church guiding This happens each weekday, morning and afternoon. Availability preference of once per week.
Flowers We always have beautiful flowers at the front of the church – you can help regularly with a donation towards that cause)
Crèche We are very happy to be able to provide a crèche. More help is always welcome!
Junior Church & Sunday School We’re always looking for new teachers to help out!
Children’s Talk Weekly we give a lesson specifically for the children during the main service
Cooking at the Kloof You can sign-up for once a year or more frequently.