They sing to the tambourine and the lyre and rejoice to the sound of the pipe.

Music has always played a major role in our church, both as part of the worship service and in the many fine concerts held here. For more about concerts, please see the our calendar.

We are fortunate to have two excellent organs, both built by the Dutch firm Flentrop. The main organ was built in 2000 as a (near)replica of the original instrument in this church built by the renowned Dutch organ builder Christian Müller. The organ can be heard every Sunday during worship services, in solo repertoire as well as in leading the congregation in singing. Hymn singing is a major element in our worship and you will find plenty of opportunity to join in with this enthusiastic, musical congregation!

The church choir is a mixed group of 30-40 men and women of all ages. Our repertoire is broad, including Renaissance motets through to modern gospel arrangements – and everything in between! Aside from vocal music, both solo and choral, our services are also enriched by frequent performances by instrumentalist in various combinations, many drawn from the ranks of our own congregation, which is fortunate to be home to many fine, professional musicians.

If you would like to share your musical talents with us, please feel free to contact our Organist/Director of Music Richard Zook using the Contact form. For more information regarding the choir, please check Church Choir.

Listen to some of the recent Music in Worship:

Prelude on I call to thee, J.S.Bach. Performed by Organist & Musical Director Richard Zook, organ.

Bless the Lord, O my Soul, M. Ippolitof-Ivanof. Performed by our choir under the direction of Richard Zook.

Lend thine ear to my prayer, A. Archangelsky. Performed by our choir and Richard Zook, piano.

Laudate Dominum, W.A. Mozart. Performed by Richard Zook, piano and Persephone Abbot, soprano.

Drei Duette, D. Schostakowitsch. Performed by Fiona Poot-Campbell, violin; Giles Francis, violin; and Olja Bučo, piano.

Süβe Stille, sanfte Quelle, HWV 205, G.F. Handel. Performed by Judi Haynes-Smart, soprano; Fiona Poot-Campbell, violin; Valerie Robillard, cello; and Olja Bučo, organ.