Library3Welcome to the Library of the English Reformed Church, Amsterdam

The books of the Library, all donated by church members and catalogued by the librarians, can be lent out to interested members and visitors of the English Reformed Church. The books of the Library have been divided on age group (young children, older children, adults, church leaders, and so forth). To make the Library an easy and manageable collection, the books were divided into 18 categories:

0. Comparative Religion (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddism, mythology, etc.)

1. Bible Study, General (general Bible handbooks)

2. Bible Study, Old Testament (Bible handbooks of Old Testament)

3. Bible Study, New Testament (Bible handbooks of New Testament)
3 (1) General; 3 (2) Matthew; 3 (3) Mark; 3 (4) Luke; 3 (5) John

4. Bible Dictionary (alphabetical encyclopedias, glossaries, guides, etc.)

5. Bible Translations (multilingual translators, Bible translators)

6. Commentaries (journals written by different authors)

7. Church Leadership(ministery, church officers, missionaries, incl. worship and counseling)

8. Worship (sermons, sacraments, rituals, symbolen, emblems)

9. Prayers (collection of blessings, meditations, prayers)

10. Music (instrumental music, psalms, hymns, incl. hymnaries)

11. Spirituality (how-to-do books about spirituality, incl. Christian psychology)

12. Church History (old church culture, until end nineteenth century)

13. Modern Church (modern church culture, starting from twentieth century)

14. Mission (worldwide mission, Christian missionaries)

15. Jesus and Other Biblical Persons (Jesus, apostles, prophets, kings, priests, etc.)

16. Biographies (of prominent church members, classics, and missionaries)

17. Fiction (for adults)

18. Children (learning and fiction for children)

Please consult the bibliographical list of all the books, subdivided into the name of the:
Authors (143 kB)
Categories  (147 kB)

The collection promotes open access to reading, educational, cultural, and informative opinion about all aspects of Christianity to enrich and enlighten the Christian belief of the readers.

Want to borrow books from the library? Any question? Need more help? Please contact the Library Committee.
Dinda L. Gorlée (070 358 67 45); Els Nooij (020 616 42 50)