De Kloof is Amsterdam’s oldest shelter for the homeless, originally founded by the Catholic society St Vincentius. It is situated in the basement of Kloveniersburgwal number 95 in the heart of the city. De Kloof is very reminiscent of a beehive: always brimming with people from all corners of the city. Here visitors can take a shower and have a shave, exchange their clothes, get a cup of coffee and something to eat. Above all, it’s a place to find some peace and quiet which allows the visitors to arrange their affairs with the help of a social worker.

The English Reformed Church is committed to providing a team of people who will cook a hot meal on the 2nd Monday of the month (recipes, tips and a budget are provided).

This is a very rewarding and great opportunity to help your fellow wo/man. Perhaps you’d like to organize a work-related activity? Set up a team of friends? Or join one of the teams in 2018, we would love to hear from you!
Please email: 

Or for more information speak to Thomas Flanagan or Ingrid Sorensen at the Church.

De Kloof is a part of De Regenboog Groep who help people who are in danger of losing touch with society and sliding into social isolation. It is their aim to get all Amsterdam residents who live in social poverty actively participating in society.

To find out more, please visit their comprehensive website: