Introducing Mulanje Mission Hospital

Mulanje Mission Hospital works together with a local government hospital to serve a population of 550,000 people in the Mulanje district of south east Malawi.

Mulanje Mission was established towards the end of the 19th century, the initial health facility on the present site operated as a maternity clinic. Nowadays the 220-bedded hospital provides a full range of medical, surgical and Paediatric services. Together with the adjacent College of Nursing, MMH has become well known for its high standards of care, under the governance of Blantyre Synod of the Central Church of Africa Presbyterian (CCAP).

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Friends of Mulanje Mission Hospital

Our commitment includes providing a monthly donation of € 1,000 to MMH. This money is used for medical supplies and urgent materials that are not funded by the government. To find out how to become a Friend of Mulanje Mission Hospital, please contact Ingrid Sorensen +31 207701341, evenings or email:

Online donations can be made to the English Reformed Church bank account on IBAN NL44 ABNA 0547623550. Kindly indicate your donation with “Mulanje Mission Hospital”.


In addition to our monthly support, we host an annual benefit concert in aid of the people of Mulanje. Each of these fundraising events has received generous support from the congregation of the English Reformed Church, the Dutch NGO, Wilde Ganzen, Rotary Club Amsterdam International, Impulsis and many other friends of MMH, ensuring the continuous improvement of conditions at the hospital.

2007  Renovation Women’s ward
2008 – Renovation Children’s ward
2009 – Mother & Child Health Clinic
2010 – Refurbishment Mens Ward
2011 – Solar Panels
2012 – Renovation Operation Theatre
2013 – Renovation sanitation system
2015 – Renovation Antenatal ward
2016 – Improving the Laboratory for diagnostics
2017 – High Dependency Unit
2018 –Solar-powered X-Ray Machine


When: 20 March 2020 at 19:30
Where: English Reformed Church – Begijnhof 48 – 1012 WV – Amsterdam
Starring: Velvet Joe and the Bluegrass Diamonds
In aid of: The very sick children at Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi

2020 MMH Project
Upgrading Children’s’ Ward and Walkways to improve Infection Prevention at Mulanje Mission Hospital

The priority set by the MMH Medical staff for 2020 is infection prevention and improving the care of very sick children. A well-equipped resuscitation room that is free of infectious hazards and hospital buildings connected by clean, well-lit walkways is essential, as well as well-trained staff.

After the 2017 project (development of the High Dependency Unit) the general level of critical care at Mulanje has improved significantly, but the Children’s’ Ward does not have an adequate resuscitation room for very sick children. So, the next step will be to improve the quality of paediatric critical care at MMH. A prerequisite is a modern, well equipped resuscitation area, with facilities to provide oxygen that can be individually administered. This will also help to combat the spread of infection.

The 2020 project will raise money to renovate the existing emergency room, provide individual medical equipment such as a monitor, oxygen concentrator and a heater in the admission room. For the staff, a cubicle will be provided with solar-lighting installed above the nursing station. In addition, training and education programs will be provided ensuring best practice for Infection Prevention.