The English Reformed Church is home to many people who wish to worship in English in Amsterdam and we are a growing congregation of almost 400 members representing more than 40 nationalities. This continues to reflect the international nature of Amsterdam and the world of the Christian Church.

Mission Statement

The English Reformed Church adopts a mission statement, put forward originally by the Anglican Church, which promotes “5 marks of mission” and by which we aspire to be “Christ’s people, transformed by the Gospel, making a difference in the world.”

  • To proclaim the good news of the Kingdom.
  • This is central to our worship in which we honour Christ whose Kingdom is coming and which we are called to anticipate. We pray every week “your kingdom come” and bear witness to that Kingdom in our worship, in our life together as a Christian community and in the use to which we put our premises.

    • To teach, baptize and nurture new believers.
    • Through our weekly worship and through our Church life we aim to challenge people with the Christian Gospel and to nurture one another in the faith.

      • To respond to human need by loving service.
      • We encourage one another to respond to human need in our weekly giving and in what practical ways we can. We believe we are responsible for our neighbours and we are actively involved in several local mission projects in Amsterdam as well as in raising funds to support the Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi.

        • To transform the unjust structures of society.
        • Our understanding of the Christian Gospel is one in which Christ says, “Behold, I make all things new!” God’s rule brings change, and we encourage our members to be agents of transformation in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands and abroad.

          • To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, to sustain and renew the life of the earth.
          • The Christian Gospel proclaims “a new heaven and a new earth” and is as ecological as it is social, political and “spiritual”. We do our best to be a “green” church (not easy in a Church building from the 14th century), to be conscientious in our use of resources and to encourage one another to be responsible in our varied life-styles.

            We welcome all who wish to join us at our services on Sunday mornings at 10.30. All our services are in English.