The Consistory (or kirk session) is a representative group of members of the congregation. Their job is to oversee the congregation, and it’s activities, providing guidance and leadership. It is made up of elders and the Consistory is chaired by the Minister, the Reverend Dr.Lance Stone.

Consistory members are there to listen to the needs and concerns of members of the congregation. If you would like to get in contact with the Consistory, please use our Contact form. Please select the right department on the form (eg ‘Scriba’ for the Scriba and ‘Treasury’ for the Treasurer).
If you would like a matter discussed at a meeting, please contact the Scriba.

Chairman Reverend Dr. Lance Stone Lance grew up in Scotland, was trained by the Church of Scotland and served in Aberdeen for seven years before moving to minister in the United Reformed Church in London. From there he was appointed to a teaching post in Cambridge before becoming Minister to two congregations there. He was called by the English Reformed Church in Amsterdam in September 2014. He is married to Sally and they have 4 grown-up children and Finn the dog.
Scriba & Elder Heleen Koning A native of the Netherlands, Heleen moved to Amsterdam in the early 1990s to work in a nursing home and became a member of the ERC in 1993, just before her daughter, Adjoa, was born. She works as a real estate manager for a mental health care institution in Amsterdam. She has been a member of Consistory since 2006, serving as Scriba since January 2015.
Treasurer & Elder Charles Vanderpuye Charles, a Ghanaian by birth, now a Dutch citizen. He was raised in Ghana in a religious family and attended a religious school. He is a Business Economist by profession and work as a financial controller in Haarlem. He has worshipped at the English Reform Church for over 25 years, and served in the past in the audit committee of the church and it’s his pleasure to serve as an Treasurer and Elder of this church which has become the house of God to him and his family.
Property Convenor & Elder Jaap Maas Jaap was born and raised in Yerseke, a small village in the province of Zeeland and in the eighties he moved to Amsterdam to study medicine at the University. Jaap grew up in the Protestant tradition of the Free Evangelical Church, and after searching for a place to worship for some years, he joined the ECR in 1993. In May 2017 he became an Elder. He works as a physician in one of the Hospitals of Amsterdam and he is married to Iris and they have two daughters and a son.
Elder Andreas Decker Andreas was born and raised in Essen/Germany. He and his wife Olivia moved from Paris to Amsterdam in 2007 and have been attending the ERC since then. Their son Christopher was born in Amsterdam in 2011 and baptized in the ERC. Andreas, Olivia and Christopher have family in the US, Kenya and Germany. Andreas works in the areas of internal audit and compliance for a global travel management company. He joined the Consistory in 2019.
Elder Laura Elliott Laura is originally from Ayrshire in Scotland and moved to the Netherlands in 2008. She joined Consistory in early 2015 and was married in the English Reformed Church in June, 2017. She is always happy to welcome new young people to our church. Laura works in PR & Communications for a sports company.
Elder Mattia Falcone Mattia was born and raised in Italy and moved to the Netherlands in 2008. He started attending the ERC soon after his arrival in the Netherlands, was confirmed in 2009 and joined Consistory in 2011. He works as an Economist for an American law firm, which he balances with a keen interest in art, architecture and literature.
Elder Giles Francis Giles was born and grew up in London, and came to study the violin in Amsterdam in 1990. He first attended the ERC in May of that year, and began teaching Sunday School. He joined Consistory in 2013, and now teaches older children at Junior Church. As a professional violinist and violist Giles performs with many orchestras and ensembles, and also sometimes plays in church services and benefit concerts for the Mulanje Mission. He is married to Annie, whom he met at the ERC, and they have two children, Emilia and Joshua.
Elder Thijs Glasz Thijs, who was born and raised in the Netherlands, has been coming to the ERC since 2008 and joined Consistory in 2011. He is married to Virginia, who is originally from Ohio in the United States, and they have two children, Willem and Katherine. In addition to his role as an Elder of the Church Thijs regularly sings in the choir. He works as a senior international professional in Human Resources.
Elder Elisabeth IJmker Elisabeth was born and raised in Amstelveen. After spending several years abroad, she came back to Amsterdam and joined ERC in 2015. She is active in the choir and the 20s30s group and became a member of consistory in 2019. In her daily life she works for the city of Amsterdam and at one of its universities, focusing on connecting research and policy in the city. Besides singing, she enjoys reading, going to the cinema and taking long walks.
Elder Peggy Krol Peggy left the USA and followed her husband, Eelke, to Amsterdam in 1978. She is a social worker at the Kruispost medical centre, and has been a member of the ERC since 1986, serving on Consistory since 2000. Over the years she has taught Sunday School and helped on the coffee rota. She is now the church Safeguarding Coordinator and organizes the Ladies’ Fellowship. Peggy was widowed in 2015. She has a daughter, Nikki, who lives in London.
Elder Baafi Sekyere Baafi was born and Bred in Ghana and came to the Netherlands in the early 1980s. After searching for a place to worship, he joined the English Reformed Church a couple of years later and became a member of Consistory in 1996. He has been the Presbytery Elder since 2013 and was one of the Commissioners of the Presbytery of Europe at the 2013 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh. Baafi is an Information Security and IT Audit professional. He is married to Nancy and they have three sons and two daughters.
Elder Judi Haynes Smart Judi was born and raised in the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and moved to the Netherlands in 1985 (her family live in South Africa). She started attending the ERC in 1999 and soon became involved as a singer in worship. She became a member in 2002 and joined Consistory at the beginning of 2015. Judi is single and self-employed as a singing-teacher and legal translator.
Elder Ingrid Sørensen Ingrid was born in South Africa, where her twin sister and two brothers still live. She moved to the UK in 1986 and to the Netherlands with her daughter, Georgia, in 1994. Following a trip back to Cape Town in 1999 her longing for a church community brought her to the English Reformed Church. Since then she has been involved in many different aspects of the ERC Church life and became an Elder in May 2017. She’s married to Jens, whom she met at the ERC in 2009. She’s working for an international Internet Service Provider and her passions are photography, cycling, sewing and gardening.
Elder Gillian Walker Gillian was born in England, but has lived in the Netherlands for many years. For the past twenty years The English Reformed Church has played a consistent supporting and inspiring role in her life. During this time she has organised the coffee rota, served and prepared the coffee after church, organised and participated in Cooking at De Kloof and she is currently plugging voluntary work with and for refugees. She joined the Consistory in May 2017. She has recently left a full-time employment as a health-at-work consultant to strike out on her own in the world of gardening.