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Dear Friends,

Greetings once again! This week in our Bible Study we were looking at the Book of Esther in the Old Testament. The book tells the story of the threatened extinction of the Jewish people in the Persian Empire in the 5th century BC and how they were saved.

It’s a great story – though aspects of it are disturbing and not entirely what you might want to find in the Bible. One interesting feature of the book is that God is nowhere mentioned in it. He seems to be written out of the story completely and that raises many questions.

Yet, although God does not appear directly, his fingerprints are all over the book of Esther. His presence is there ‘between the lines’ of the narrative, to be discerned by the eye of faith. And perhaps that is a task for us in our Christian lives, not least in this time of coronavirus.

The presence of God is not always clear and obvious, but the task of faith is to discern him in the everyday events of our world and of our lives. That is especially important in testing times like these, and I pray that you may indeed recognise the God who is with us (the theme of this Sunday’s sermon), especially in difficult times.

Below, as usual, events THIS WEEK:

Sunday 10.30 (or any other time, it’s prerecorded).
The service will be led this week by Pastor Lance. Our passage is Matthew 10:16-30. Please note that this Sunday we will celebrate Holy Communion in our service, so you might like to have a piece of bread or a biscuit and some wine or juice ready so that you can join in.

Sunday, 13.00
Picnic for Sunday School children, parents, and teachers on the Museumplein (on the grass opposite the American Consulate).

Sunday, 21.00
Short evening prayers, Compline: Join us on

Monday, 14.00-16.00: Knitting Christmas angels. Contact Gillian Walker at:

Tuesday, 08.45
Psalm Reciting and prayers at the church – this week Kathisma IV (Ps. 24 – 32). You are welcome, of course, to recite these psalms anywhere and any time.

Wednesdays, 19.30
Bible Study: looking at the Book of Ruth. Join us on ZOOM

Thursdays, 21.00
Short evening prayers, Compline: You can join us on ZOOM

In a time like this, there may be people who feel especially in need of prayer either for themselves or for someone else. There is a small group of people in the congregation who take it in turns on Sundays to be available after the service to pray for anyone in need – so, if you would like prayer or have a particular prayer request please contact Margaret Richards on and she and the others will pray accordingly.

A word about finance….
Please note that in this period when we are not meeting together there is a way of giving to the church on this website. Please use the PayPal donation button on the right.

Please remember that on the first Sunday of the month, Communion Sunday, we normally have a collection for the Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi which our church supports. You can read about how to donate via this link.

God bless you all and keep us united as a church family – and safe and well.

Rev. Dr. Lance Stone