Open letter from our minister

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Dear Friends,

Greetings again towards the end of another week of lockdown. I do hope that you are keeping clear of the virus and surviving self-isolation. It’s good to hear that primary schools and day-care centers will be opening soon – a great relief I’m sure for parents and children alike. Unfortunately, however, it seems that the measures that are keeping our church closed will continue for some months yet.

Meanwhile, our usual activities continue:
Sunday morning service will be on the website well in advance for people to join in, if they can, at 10.30 am but also before and after. For anyone who wishes to consider the text for this Sunday in advance, it is John 21:1-19, Jesus’ resurrection appearance to his disciples on the shore of Lake Tiberias.

On Sunday evening at 21.00 hrs we have our usual short evening prayers, Compline, as we do again on Thursday evening at 21.00 hrs: You can join us on ZOOM

An extra event this week on Monday evening at 19.30 hrs… for some time now I have been running a Further In The Faith group for people who wish to go a bit deeper into our faith. On Monday evening we will be having a Zoom discussion of the recent film The Two Popes (which I will also be referring to in my sermon on Sunday) which features the relationship between the last pope, Benedict XVI and the current one, Francis. It’s an excellent film which raises interesting issues. I would stress that you do not need to have seen the film (which is available on Netflix) – if you would like to join us via Zoom – please send an e-mail to – and we shall reply with a link.

Tuesday you are invited to join in psalm reciting (ideally at 8.45 am but at any time). This week’s psalms are numbers 102-105.

Wednesday evening at 19.30 hrs we have our (currently) weekly Bible Study, looking at the Book of the Acts of the Apostles. Join us on SKYPE

Thursday evening – Compline evening prayers at 21.00 hrs – see above, Sunday.

A couple of other things…
Firstly, I am very aware that in a time like this there may be people who feel especially in need of prayer either for themselves or for someone else. There is a small group of people in the congregation who take it in turns in Sundays to be available after the service to pray for anyone in need – so, if you would like prayer or have a particular prayer request please contact Margaret Richards on and she and the others will pray accordingly.

One other important matter: The Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi which is such an important part of our church’s mission ( and which we would have been raising money for in a concert in March if it were not for the pandemic)… it is important that we continue to support the hospital, not least in this difficult time.

So – the medical director of the hospital, Arie Glasz, currently stuck in the Netherlands due to the pandemic, will be preaching in our service the Sunday after next, May 10th, and a couple of days later, on Tuesday, May 12th at 19.30 on Zoom he will give a talk, ‘A Global Pandemic: what does COVID 19 mean for Malawi?’. If you are interested in participating please send an e-mail to:

And please don’t forget to give to the hospital: we normally have a monthly collection and of course, we can’t do that at present, and the concert in March would have raised funds. For the hospital this is quite a significant loss of finance, so please let’s not forget our brothers and sisters there. Every Euro donated in the context of the Corona-Crisis for Mulanje Mission Hospital will be matched 100% by our Partner Wilde Ganzen – please mention “Corona Fund” when giving in the church’s bank account (NL44 ABNA 0547 6235 50). Further details can be found here.

Well, that’s about all for this week: plenty going on as you can see!

God bless you all and keep us united as a church family – and safe and well.

Rev. Dr. Lance Stone