Mulanje Mission Hospital (MMH) is building towards a Corona fund, that will help provide essential care to all that seek the hospital’s services. Not just for COVID, but also for safe childbirth, vaccinations, prevention of malaria, and many other services in the months to come.

In cooperation with Wilde Ganzen, there now is the opportunity to double every € donated. As countries battle over scarce resources, MMH hope and trust that many people will continue expressing solidarity with the people of Malawi.

To help build the fund we kindly ask you to make a donation to the English Reformed Church bank account: (IBAN: NL44ABNA0547623550). Please mark the payment “Corona fund”.

Malawi so far has registered 33 cases of Coronavirus infection, but likely many more are struck. A political battle is taking place on whether or not to announce a lockdown – thus far certain activities have been banned but a total lockdown is not yet in place.

For most Malawians, life has already become more difficult. Food prices are rising and imported goods are increasingly expensive. Unfortunately, drugs and medical equipment are more difficult to find and more expensive, too.

MMH has stocks of drugs, but they need more and are expecting a difficult year ahead of us. Firstly, of course, the COVID epidemic, with possibly many very sick patients.

MMH has invested in more PPE, oxygen machines, and staff. But also, the effects of an economic crisis resulting in untold hardship for the rural population the hospital serves is looming ahead.

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